Project Description

Pigeons and Birds are capable of carrying diseases, causing damage to buildings and attracting flies & mites. Pigeon proofing provides an effective safeguard against destruction caused by continual bird activity. Their nests are a haven for many insects including textile pests and parasites. DPC can implement vital programmes of Pigeon and Bird Proofing at competitive rates.

Pigeon fouling on fire escapes and walkways can be hazardous and cause accidents due to slippage. There are many pathogens in bird droppings – clearance must only be undertaken by professionals.

We also use hawking to deter birds such as pigeons and seagulls away from building nests to breed. This involves several flights to scare the birds away, and safely move their eggs and nests in the hope they then don’t return. Please contact us for more information and read our section on Hawking.

DPC carry out clearing and disinfection operations.