Using Birds of Prey for Pest control is misunderstood by many; they may think the bird of prey is there to hunt. Despite Birds of Prey having a natural instinct to kill, this is not the case when trained for a pest control environment and they are very effective in bird deterrence. Our Hawker



Garden Ant infestations can be found in soil, under paving stones, concrete and inside buildings. When ants have nested indoors, infestations can cause problems at any time of year. They require professional spray treatments. Pharaoh Ants can infest blocks of flats, houses and factories. They carry diseases and need a careful eradication programme. Pharaoh ant

Stored Product Insects


Stored Product Insects are the most widespread problem to affect food products and the food manufacturing industry in the UK. There are numerous varieties of Stored Product Insects including the Indian Meal Moth, Biscuit Beetle and Book Lice. DPC will identify the source and type of Stored Product Insect. We will provide competitive, professional control

Textile Pests


Textile Pests such as the Common Clothes Moth and the Varied Carpet Beetle cause severe damage to any product containing ‘keratin’. These include furs, clothing, feathers and woollens (carpets and upholstery). It is important to eradicate the life cycle of this pest. The Indian Meal Moth and Brown House Moth also cause damage to man-made

Fleas and Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are very common in the UK. They are increasingly being found in homes, hotels, dormitories, universities and public modes of transport (e.g. trains and buses). Fleas can originate from pets or other carriers in the home.  If not properly treated an infestation can get out of hand in a short space of time.



House flies are the most common fly found in and around homes. Flies can transfer disease organisms to humans and animals. There are many more species such as fruit flies, greenbottles and cluster flies to name a few. It is important for pest control to locate the larval breeding site. Infestations may indicate a further,



Wasps’ nests can be located either in the ground or in cavities, trees, walls or buildings. More commonly wasps will nest in the roof space of a house. Wasps’ nests pose a particular danger to you, your family, employees or members of the public. They are mainly a problem during the months of spring and summer.

Pigeons and Birds


Pigeons and Birds are capable of carrying diseases, causing damage to buildings and attracting flies & mites. Pigeon proofing provides an effective safeguard against destruction caused by continual bird activity. Their nests are a haven for many insects including textile pests and parasites. DPC can implement vital programmes of Pigeon and Bird Proofing at competitive



Cockroaches can be found in premises where food is stored or handled. They carry food poisoning germs on their bodies and are responsible for the spread of dysentery and gastroenteritis. About 3,500 species of cockroaches exist worldwide. Only four of these are common pests; the German, Brown-Banded, Oriental and American cockroach. If you find evidence

Rats and Mice


Rats and Mice are very destructive and can pose a threat to human health. These rodents can climb, swim and jump great distances to gain entrance to houses and buildings. Entrance to a building is often made by enlarging existing holes, cracks or climbing pipes in an effort to find food and shelter. Evidence of rodent

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